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 Egyptian singers demanding outrageous wages for their concer

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PostSubject: Egyptian singers demanding outrageous wages for their concer   Wed Sep 12, 2007 3:17 am

Egyptian singers have recorded a large sum of money to charge for their concerts. At the same time the distribution of their albums has been going down. Most of Egyptian singers stressed that they will only get paid in American dollars instead of “El Jineeh El Masri El Ghalban” the ‘poor’ Egyptian pounds, which is what most singers call it.

In the past singers like: Amr Diab, Hani Shaker and Muhammad Foad were the only ones to charge high prices for their concerts and get paid in dollars; however, new singers like Tamer Husni has increased the prices for his concerts from 30 thousands EGP to 150 thousands and 250 thousand outside of Cairo ever since he got out of prison.

Husni’s competition among the new generation of singers is Muhammad Hamaki who also increased his wage for his concerts from 25 thousands EGP to 80 thousand EGP and 160 thousands EGP outside of Cairo. Lately most of these new singers are competing to sing at weddings.

According to the Saudi daily Al Hayat, other singers have either doubled or tripled their concerts payments. And the numbers were even higher if the singer sang outside of Cairo.

One of the main reasons behind the outrageous increase in wage is mainly due to the large number of the young generation who are attending these concerts. The young generations are 90 % of the whole population; therefore, if they are welling to pay higher prices then the singers will increase their ticket prices.

Musician Muhammad Sultan opposes the increase and states that the poor quality of the Arabic songs is due to the lack or real singers. He adds that most of the songs today rely on high beat where the listeners move their bodies to the song instead of having meaningful lyrics. He also puts the blame on Arabs in general and how they don’t pay any attention to what their kids are listening to.

Sultan also calls on to those in charge in the music world to put a stop to the nonsense style of singing, which has been polluting the minds of young generations and bring back respect to the Arabic song.
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PostSubject: Re: Egyptian singers demanding outrageous wages for their concer   Wed Sep 12, 2007 2:43 pm

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Egyptian singers demanding outrageous wages for their concer
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