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 Maya: “Rotana took me away from singing not acting

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PostSubject: Maya: “Rotana took me away from singing not acting   Sun Oct 21, 2007 12:35 pm

Lebanese singer/ actress Maya Nasri is living in great worry and awaits to see what are the feedbacks from all those around her, critics and her fans regarding her first appearances on television. Nasri just finished playing a wicked role on the Egyptian drama series “Sultan Al Gharam” (Leader of Love), which was aired on MBC during the holy month of Ramadan. Maya who is taking bigger steps into acting and has placed her singing career on hold for the past two years and a half.

According to the London daily Elaph, Maya was pleased to be chosen by MBC to advertise for the drama series. Maya is shocked to hear circulating rumors stating that there are problems between her and the cast members like Lucy, Khaled Saleh and Rania Yousif on the series. She and the other cast members denied these rumors.

Rumors had stated that Rania Yousif had objected to having Maya’s name come up before hers in the credits stating that Maya is still new and not as famous. Yet Maya stressed that the order of names has nothing to do with the performance of the actor. She adds that her relationship with all the female actresses is very good.

Away from television, Maya will finish filming her scenes from her new movie as soon as she comes back from Kuwait, where she’ll be a guest on the show “Ma Munira” (With Munira) and the episode will be aired live. She will be acting alongside Karim Abed Al Aziz in the new film. Producer Ahmad Jalal produces the film and the well-known Egyptian actress Souad Younis, who owns a production company, will sponsor the movie. Nasri talks about how great it is to work with Souad Younis, because she is very thoughtful and caring.

The movie talks about how a young man inherits his father’s business dealing drugs. He is very wicked and marries Maya who tries to change him but fails. After finishing this movie, Maya is thinking of taking her time in choosing another movie, she doesn’t want to hurt her chances in acting a bad role.

With regards to her music career, Maya places blame on her production company Rotana for not releasing her new album; she says that she is waiting for Rotana to work on the production of the album. She has signed a contract with Rotana, yet she doesn’t see any concerts scheduled by Rotana. Maya noted that she won’t break off the contract, because she will first send a letter to Prince Walid Bin Talal the owner of Rotana and explain to him her situation.

Maya has chosen two new songs to add to her album one is a Khaliji (Gulf) song and the other composed by Jan Mari Riashi.

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Maya: “Rotana took me away from singing not acting
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