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 Kathem El Saher sings for Sabah Al Hilali

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PostSubject: Kathem El Saher sings for Sabah Al Hilali   Wed Nov 21, 2007 12:58 am

Iraqi singer Kathem El Saher is getting ready to perform three new songs written by the Iraqi poet Sabah Al Hilali and this is considered to be the first time the two cooperate with one anther.

The Iraqi poet has given his poetry to many Iraqi singers in the past. Al Hilali made news that he met with Munther Karim the manager of the Iraqi famous singer Kathem El Saher. The singer’s manager told the Iraqi poet that El Saher wants songs written mainly for him. He sent a few songs for him by email and he was very proud to work with the famous singer.

According to the London daily Elaph, Al Hilali wrote the songs specifically for EAl Saher and they were written in the Iraqi dialect. The songs are called “Al Lawha” “Shayeb Al Qalab” and “Al Mirayah”. There are six different “mawaweels” that he recently wrote. Al Hilali revealed that he is very happy to work with El Saher and hopes this won’t be the only time.

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Kathem El Saher sings for Sabah Al Hilali
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