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 Why was Faris Karam’s clip censored and denied?

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PostSubject: Why was Faris Karam’s clip censored and denied?   Wed Nov 21, 2007 12:59 am

The clip by Lebanese singer Faris Karam for the new song “Khtiyar Al Okazeh” (An Old man with a Cain) has created chaos and received numerous criticism from the Lebanese police department forcing the production company Rotana to delete some of the lyrics because they were thought to be too offensive. The word “Naswanji” (Womanizer) was taken off, because in the Gulf countries it holds a very offensive meaning and is prohibited from being used.

According to the London daily Elaph, at the moment Karam is traveling to Australia to host what were supposedly 6 concerts, but then turned into 10 concerts by the sponsor of the tour. After being notified of the problems that have risen due to the clip, Karam has closed his mobile phone not wanting to be contacted by anyone.

After several alterations were made to the clip, Rotana decided to air the song and it is now being shown on its satellite music channel.

It is said that Karam just followed the orders of his director Walid Nasif. The director had asked of Karam to get as close as possible to the international model in the clip, and since the balcony in which the clip was filmed was very small the two were practically glued together in a very intimate manner.

There are other scenes in the clip that implies sexual movements, like when a lingerie falls from the balcony onto an old man on the street and he immediately takes it and hides it. Many scenes in the clip are said to have sexual connotations.

Yet despite all the criticism the song is witnessing tremendous success, but it is not known if the nature of the clip will turn this success around.
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Why was Faris Karam’s clip censored and denied?
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