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 Qamar sings the last composition by Azara Habib

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PostSubject: Qamar sings the last composition by Azara Habib   Fri Nov 23, 2007 6:00 pm

The happiness over the release of singer Qamar Nader’s first music video did not last for long, due to the shocking news of the sudden death of her family friend and Godfather composer Azara Habib.

The late composer believed in Qamar and her talents, and he wanted her first appearance to be by singing a song that is composed by him. The song is written by poet Al Yas Naser is called “Ghayeb Mish Ghayeb” (There and not There).

According to the London daily Elaph, it is thought that faith played a role in making the title of the song “There and not there”, and made it a farewell message from the singer to her beloved friend. The song was Azara’s last work and yet it was the mark of a new beginning for Qamar marking her entrance into the spotlight even though the entrance was made with a tear rather then a smile.

Qamar stated that she is very sad over the death of such a prominent and loved composer. She added that Azara’s career is filled with great achievements and he will be remembered always.

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Qamar sings the last composition by Azara Habib
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