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 Rula denies being banned from Syria

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PostSubject: Rula denies being banned from Syria   Tue Sep 11, 2007 12:34 am

Lebanese singer Rula Sa’d has denied rumors of being banned from singing in Syria. A number of female singers were banned from singing on Syrian grounds for their low style of singing according to the Musican Union Leader.

To prove the untruthfulness of the rumor, the Lebanese singer/ actress just got back from Syria after participating in the Aleppo Festival alongside Lebanese singer Faris Karam. Rula was cheered by her fans and they all were interacting with her by singing along.

Rula just finished filming her first acting experience in the new movie “Room 707”, where she has the leading role. The script is written by Samira Muhsin and produced by Iyhab Radi. She will be acting alongside Majdi Kamel, Sami Al Adel, Yasir Faraj and Randa Al Bihairi. The production of the movie cost 6 million Egyptian Pounds.

The new film will be released after Ramadan during the upcoming Eid El Fiter break. Rula will be playing the role of a romantic girl called Sarah who is a student and a senior at Medical School. She develops a romantic relationship with her professor, yet they face so many obstacles trying to make their affair succeed.

One of the problems that “Sarah” faces is that she comes from a wealthy family and her professor comes from the lower classes. The film is filled with action and Rula will be singing three of her songs including a duet with the Egyptian singer Midhat Saleh.

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Rula denies being banned from Syria
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