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 Hani and Jerash from bad lashing to apologizing

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PostSubject: Hani and Jerash from bad lashing to apologizing   Tue Sep 11, 2007 12:35 am

A memo was handed out from Egyptian singer Hani Shaker’s office with harsh accusation of the Jerash Festival management working with Israel. Shaker accused them of contracting with an Israeli advertisement company called “Al Jiser Al Thahabi” (The Golden Bridge).

The Egyptian singer went as far as calling the company ‘Jewish’. Shaker took back his mean tone and his implications especially when the committee of the festival threatened to sue the Egyptian singer for the false accusations. Why did Shaker talk now and started to make such meaningless accusations when almost a month has passed since his Jerash concert?

According to the London daily Elaph, Shaker’s concert at Jerash wasn’t how he dreamed it would be. There were a few numbers of fans that really bought tickets for the show, which led the Egyptian singer to have people attending for free in order to fill up the theater. Back then the failure of the concert was blamed on the ‘Tawjihi’ scores, the elections and the construction that was going on between Amman and Jerash. The Egyptian singer stayed quiet, because of his respect to the well-known Festival, which hosted the majority of Arabic singers at its historic stages.

Yet, when the manager of the festival Lubna Al Far had an interview with one of the Arabic magazines, she struck a nerve and Shaker decided to talk back.
The festival manager justifies the failure of Shaker, Latifa and Assi Hilani’s concerts, because the Jordanian people don’t want to listen to those who sing long and rhythmic songs. She also adds that the management was forced to let people in for free, where previously she wasn’t pleased with the idea to start opening the door for people to watch for free. By opening the doors, this will lead people to wait and not buy the tickets; therefore, the festival will loose lots of money.

Shaker’s memo backfired in his face, in the beginning he was at right, but when he started accusing the management of working with an Israeli company and that is when he was proved wrong. The “Golden Bridge “ Advertisement Company is not an Israeli company and the management of the festival did not cancel its contract with the company.

The company is fully Jordanian by all means. However, the advertisement company made a deal with an Arabic company inside the occupied territories to advertise for the festival among the Arab Israeli of 48 and the second company worked with the Israeli “Mobile” company. When “Golden Bridge” found out of the deal they canceled their contracts with the Arabic company.

The management of the festival was furious with the accusations, because this meant not one Lebanese or any Arabic singer for that matter would stand on Jerash historic stages and sing for their Jordanian fans. Hani Shaker had a sudden shift in his accusations and he promised the festival’s management to take back what he said and apologize to the festival’s committee. However, the sudden shift of his opinion remains a mystery.

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Hani and Jerash from bad lashing to apologizing
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