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 Yara in a wedding dress

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PostSubject: Yara in a wedding dress   Yara in a wedding dress Icon_minitimeMon Oct 15, 2007 9:14 pm

Lebanese singer Yara just finished filming a video clip for her new Khaliji (Gulf) song “Sodfah” (Unexpected) with the well know Lebanese producer Mirna Khayat Abo Al Yas.

The idea of the video clip is very simple, it revolves around the meaning of the song “Sodfah” where a young girl is standing and waiting for the bus and then a young man come by driving his car. The man in the car passes by, yet he leaves something inside her. One day while this young girl is at a wedding she sees the same man among the gusets. She starts daydreaming and sees herself in a wedding dress getting married to the same guy. Then she wakes up from her dream and returns to reality.

According to the London daily Elaph, the filming took place at a castle in ‘Jrod Al Btron that has natural forest. As always Mirna wanted to make sure that the filming took place in a breath taking area. The filming took 3 days and Modil Baljiki took the role of the young man in the clip.

The famous and talented producer Mirna was pleased to work with Yara and loved her performance. Mirna also sees in Yara as a good actress who knows how to perform and act at the same time. She also mentioned that she has agreed with Yara on making a musical movie to bring back the legacy of good performing and musical movies.

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Yara in a wedding dress
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